My Mother
When I arrived in this world I could not see, but recognized the gentle voice talking to me. She spoke of my big brown eyes and kissed the end of end of my little "pug" nose, Laughed as my little private part wet her as it rose. I could feel the love when she held me, that only I would know, and missed her deeply when she had to go. Through the years I may not have done the best of things but she was there in my corner not listening to stories others may bring. A child herself and hurried into the woman she became for me, devoted, loving, never demanding and allowing me to be free. Fate and life dealt me a terrible blow, failing health, marriage ended and a will that had no strength to take me when I wanted to go. She was there once again to take me in, God bless her for I don't know where I would have been. Had I earned this love, I felt not, what she so freely gave me once again, proving me wrong that she was just not"My Mother" but a very special friend. More waking hours than sleep we were both soon to see, I'd tap on the wall and she would come running to me. Then there was the night that the room appeared darker than I thought it should be with a wonderful white light at the end of a tunnel where someone was waiting for me. Know that I wasn't afraid as this wonderful thought came to me, a kiss on the tip of my nose, a hug and your gentle voice whispering the love you have for me. Go on "My Mother" for I am finally free. Victoria E. Diamond Copyright 2001 Victoria Diamond