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Our service is designed to interface between you and your valued custmers. We are ONLINE 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to monitor your incoming email, set appointments, buffer messages that are not relevent (stored in a seperate file for later viewing) and generally free you from having to be on the net to run your business. Our operators are professionally trained to monitor, create a dialog, and answer basic questions based on the information you provide. More then just a glorified answering service, we are a business center that you have access to from ANYWHERE in the world, filtering the important, or time sensitive information, from the junk mail, or "respond to later" imput that takes up your valuable time. WEBCONTROL will tailor our services around your needs, and even create your WEB presence, with a fully functional, multi-page website, with all of the bells, and whistles, informing your customers, and re-directing corespondence,
Making your life even easier!

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